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Ingredients & Brands

The following list includes products and brands used in our kitchen. We provide this information for individuals with allergy, health, or dietary concerns.

Agave, Wholesome
All-purpose Flour, GreatValue/Member's Mark
Almond Flour, Blue Diamond
Apple Cider Vinegar, Great Value
Apple Sauce, Mott's
Arrowroot Starch, Bob's Red Mill
Baking Powder, Spauda, Clabber Girl
Baking Soda, Arm & Hammer
Bread Flour, Hyvee
Brown Sugar, Member's Mark
Buckwheat Flour,
Butter, Earth Balance
Cake Flour, Swan's Down
Chickpeas, Great Value
Chocolate Chips, Enjoy Life
Cinnamon, Member's Mark
Clear Vanilla
Cocoa Powder, Hersheys/Good & Gather
Coconut milk, Silk
Coconut Oil, Hyvee/Cantina Spagna
Coconut Sugar, Madhava/Full Circle/Wholesome
Cream Cheese, Violife
Cultured Butter, Miyokos
Gluten-free Rolled Oats, Bob's Red Mill
Graham Crackers, Kinnikinnick
Imitation Butter, Celebakes
Maple Syrup, Hyvee/Member's Mark
Marshmallows, Dandies
Molasses, Wholesome
Olive Oil, Member's Mark
Oreo Cookies, Kinnikinnick
Peanut Butter, Jif/Great Value
Potato Starch, Bob's Red Mill
Powdered Sugar, Member's Mark
Pumpkin Purree, Hyvee/Great Value
Pumpkin Spice
Raspberry Preserves, Blackburns
Red Pepper Flakes
Salt, Maldon/Morton
Tahini, Once Again
Vanilla, Regal/McCormick
Vegetable Oil, Great Value
Vegetable Shortening, Great Value
White Sugar, Member's Mark
White Vinegar, Member's Mark
Yeast, Fleischmann's/Lesaffre