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About Us

Moo's Bakery is a high-rated, 100% plant-based (no animal products) bakery that offers pickup and delivery in Cedar Falls, Iowa. 

For event boothing/tabling, please contact us at! 

Hi, I'm Maddie Palmersheim, founder of Moo's Bakery. The story of Moo's started back in 2017 when I began exploring a plant-based diet after unresolved health complications. Diving into plant-based eating was a lot easier than I imagined. I quickly fell in love with the new style of cooking and baking and my body felt instantly better.
While I wouldn't trade the experience, a few things sucked:
1) You can't join in on family ice cream dates.
2) I hate, hate, hate black bean burgers at restaurants-- sorry, not sorry. 
3) Birthday parties are a bust. I want cake too! :-( 

Dairy-related allergies, intolerances, and sensitives affect roughly 65% of the population, especially children! Though there are amazing dairy-free or plant-based options in grocery stores, there aren't many options in the Cedar Valley (or Iowa) at restaurants, cafes, and bakeries. This left indulgence moments for when I was in the big city. 

Combining my love for kitchen creativity, with my new skills in plant-based baking, I founded Moo's impulsively after graduating from the University of Northern Iowa in May 2021. It took me the summer to recipe test, set up my kitchen, and do all the business-y logistics before I received my state license in October of that year. 

My kitchen is located right outside of Cedar Falls in my grandparent's basement! The kitchen is 100% plant-based meaning we do not allow eggs, dairy, or any other animal product in the space. 

I have two goals with Moo's: 
1) Provide options to those with dietary restrictions while simultaneously making plant-based eating more accessible in the community, and
2) Dismantle the taste stigma around plant-based foods. All of my recipes have been tested on non-plant-based people, and they are always shocked with delight. :-) 

Update (10/15/2022) 

After our first year of business, we are overwhelmed with the support from the community. Thank you for so warmly making space for us in the Cedar Valley. We look forward to growing the company to help grow our wonderful community. Big love for the Cedar Valley.

With gratitude, 
Maddie Palmersheim, Founder and Baker