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Fri, Jun 16, 2023
Part time

We're looking for our first hire for our plant-based bakery startup in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

This is not your typical job. We are seeking someone to help us "build a plane, while it's flying." This position may require a unique individual, but we are certain the work performed will have an incredible impact in the company and the community we serve.

First-round interviews: June 19-23.

Second-round interviews (if necessary): June 26-June 29

Start date: (estimated) July 1, 2023

Hours per week: (estimated) 12-18

Pay: $15/hr


Hi, I'm Maddie! I am a 24 y/o and the owner and operator of Moo's Bakery.

Moo's Bakery started in the summer of 2021 as a home food processing establishment. We offer pickup and delivery in Cedar Falls (and nearby areas) and attend the Cedar Falls Farmer's Market. Our kitchen is in the basement of family member's home in New Hartford, Iowa (approx. 10-15 minutes from downtown Cedar Falls).

All of our products, and our entire kitchen, is plant-based, meaning we do not use dairy, eggs, honey, or other animal products. Our customer base ranges from individuals or families with food allergies, to people with lifestyle preferences, to others who just enjoy our products. Our community has been highly receptive and welcoming to Moo's, and we are very motivated to fill the need in our market for plant-based options.

We've grown substantially in our first two years of business. We are currently looking to expand our operation with several potential opportunities on the horizon. However, we are still in our "scrappy" phase with an emphasis on lean operating and resourcefulness. While we look forward to a possible transition to a storefront in Cedar Falls later this year or next year, we aim to make the most of our current setup.


1. You don't need to be plant-based to be on our team. We do, however, want someone who is interested in creating plant-based products and building a plant-based mission. Our approach to sharing plant-based products remains authentically warm, approachable, and non-judgmental to our customers.

2. Stated in the beginning, we need someone who is willing to build a plane while it's flying. As second-in-command, you'll likely wear a variety of hats. Additionally, as our first hire, your contributions will have a large and direct impact on company culture for team members to come. We are looking for someone who is flexible, futuristic, patient, and adaptable.

3. As a quick growing company, we appreciate someone with organization skills. Helping create systems, design processes, and maintain order will be essential as we scale.

4. We are not seeking a pro-baker, but we'd love someone with some knowledge, interest, and abilities in baking or food.

5. At this time, hire must be willing to commute to our home kitchen in New Hartford, Iowa.


Tasks will likely vary and change significantly as we progress. In the first few months, assignments will likely include production, packaging product, cleaning and organization, system design, and customer service.


Our short-term goal with this position is to help manage "smaller" tasks so that we can begin taking steps toward scaling Moo's. Ideally, we'd love for this hire to later transfer into a management position for future hires.


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