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Floral Cake
Floral Cake
Floral Cake
Floral Cake

Floral Cake


*Almost* too pretty to eat. Our floral cakes are hand painted with buttercream frosting. Each cake is unique and made to order. Choose your flavor and size. 

Select pickup or delivery date and time at checkout. 

Contains: wheat, soy, coconut. 

Customizations are available. Please email moosbakerycf@gmail for your color/design preferences before or immediately after ordering. 

Mini - 4 servings
Small - 7-10 servings
Regular - 12-15 servings
Large - 17-20 servings
Extra Large - 22-25 servings
servings are approximations and vary based on cutting size and technique. 


1. Carry your cake by the bottom of the box to avoid smudges from side flaps.
2) Transport your cake safely in your vehicle by placing a towel or blanket underneath the box to reduce impact on harsh roads.
3) To protect buttercream and layers, keep your cake refrigerated or in a cool environment prior to serving. Avoid direct sunlight. 
4) To remove your cake from the box, unhook side flaps and slide out cake board.
5) Didn't finish your Moo's cake? Wrap in an airtight container and store in your freezer for up to 3 months!

Allergy Information

Common Allergy Information

For information on specific products or allergens not listed, please email us at or send us a direct message on Instagram or Facebook (@moosbakerycf).

Our kitchen is located in New Hartford, IA in a private, state-approved, licensed facility. The following common allergies are processed regularly in our kitchen: wheat, soy, tree nuts, coconut, sesame. 

Our kitchen does not process dairy or eggs. 

We do our best to ensure that all items brought into our kitchen are dairy and egg-free. At this time, we cannot fully ensure all ingredients used in our products are manufactured and packaged in fully egg-free, dairy-free facilities and/or do not come in contact with dairy or eggs in route to our kitchen.

Please see this page for a full list of products and brands used in our kitchen. Updated February 6, 2023. 

Plant-Based Information 

We do not process dairy, eggs, honey, meat, or fish.

Please note that we do not use organic cane sugar or organic brown sugar in our products at the moment. 

Gluten-Free Information

Products labeled gluten-free do not contain wheat ingredients, however they are made in the same kitchen as wheat products. These products may not be suitable for individuals with celiac disease or severe allergies/sensitivities to gluten.

Pick Up, Delivery, and Shipping


Moo's Bakery offers free pick ups daily. Select your time and date at checkout. 

Place your order 2-days in advance and select your pickup date and time at checkout. To receive mobile updates on your pickup, enter your cellphone number at checkout. 


Moo's Bakery delivers weekly to locations within Cedar Falls and Waterloo, IA zip codes.

Please place your order 2-days in advance and select your delivery date and time at checkout. To receive mobile updates on your delivery, enter your cellphone number at checkout. 


For shipping requests, please contact us at or via direct message on Facebook or Instagram (@moosbakerycf)